A Domestic Servant Robot for Daily Life(2016)

HRI class

My part: Overall appearance design & Facial expression 

Tool: Android phone & Processing

Objective of the Project

Develop a human friendly robot DOBBY which can help daily life, especially for student

Give information that user requests

• English word of an object, weather, time and date

Sets time alarm

Plays  required music

Brings water to user

Emotionally interacts with user

Function of the DOBBY

Speech Recognition: Recognizes pre-defined user command

Speech Synthesis(TTS): For interaction with user

Object Detection: Recognizes the object(Marker) that user wants

Locomotion: Moves toward user or an object under user’s requests

Facial Expression(Emoticon): Makes a facial expression corresponding to it’s emotional status

Team-work with : 

Li Dezhou (Zhou)

Kang, Dae Gyeom (Gyeom)

Yang, Seung Eun (Pink Panther)

Lee, Dong Ho (DongDong)

Emoticons & Method
facial expression_ex1