Telepresence Robot Appearance Design

In this project, we present a process of designing a tele-presence robot (TPR) – M4K (Mobile 4-dimensional Communication Kiosk) which pursues more expanded interaction between users than other existing TPRs. TPR is the robotic movable platform which helps the communication between people who live far away from each other, and it is sometimes asked to have an ability of ‘tele-manipulation’ which is more than current ‘tele-communication’. Especially, our M4K has an interactive 3D beam projector and cameras in addition to the basic TPR platform. Design process to give the M4K an acceptable form in real situation is presented. After showing the design process, some limitation and future works are discussed. The design process starts from related research, ideal version design to manufactured version design. This project is still on going and at the middle stage of the whole development, so it is also treated as a part of experiment. This study will be used to support the next level of design and technical development.


H Lee, Y Kim, K Lee, D Yoon, B You, ‘Designing Appearance of a Tele-presence robot, M4K : A case study’, the 24nd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) workshop, Kobe, Japan, Aug. 2015.

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